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OEM ZWCAD Professional 2011 English : Buy & Download

ZWCAD Professional 2011 English
Manufacturer: Other
Category: other
Retail price: $69.95
Our Price: $29.95
Includes 2D & 3D features, ZWCAD Pro offers 3D Modeling and Editing, 3D surface commands & VBA development environment. other ; Other; download ZWCAD Professional 2011 English. If you are looking for a full featured CAD package, ZWCAD Pro is your right choice.

ZWCAD’s native file format is DWG, so it can open, edit and save any existing DWG file saved in numerous versions, including DWG Version from 2.5 to 2007, without conversions or data loss. ZWCAD provides high degree of compatibility with AutoCAD®.
Command and Alias
The command and Alias of ZWCAD are almost the same as AutoCAD®, so you may be familiar with them, and then you can use them to work immediately without relearn.
Resource Files
All the resource files from mainstream CAD platforms can be used in ZWCAD properly, such as Windows TTF fonts & SHX fonts, Linetypes(.lin), Hatch Patterns(.pat), Slides (.sld) and Units Files (.unt).
Friendly User Interface
The arrangement of menu, toolbars, drawing area, command line and properties palette, and the arrangement of dialog box, are similar to AutoCAD®, it is convenient for user to work immediately with ZWCAD.
Simple 3D models can be created in ZWCAD, and you can make some modify to them, such as Union, Subtract, Intersect and so on.