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OEM Zeta Producer 10.0 Premium : Buy & Download

Zeta Producer 10.0 Premium
Manufacturer: Other
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Retail price: $2495.95
Our Price: $399.95
Professional, easy-to-use Desktop Content Management System

The Zeta Producer software application is a desktop content management system based upon MS Windows. other ; Other; download Zeta Producer 10.0 Premium. It combines the advantages of html-editors (simple installation) and CMSs (simple usage).

With the supplied tutorial you will be able to create a complete website with your individual pages within a few minutes!

The program allows you to add pages to your website as easy as creating new folders with windows explorer. And with the integrated image-/asset-management you can manage the media-files of your website.
Here are some key features of "Zeta Producer":

Individualised layouts:
· The new version of Zeta Producer comes with an innovative new concept for creating and designing layouts. You will now have the chance to make your website more individual than ever before; at the same time, we have kept the software as intuitive and user-friendly as ever before.

New XHTML layouts:
· The new and attractive layouts are programmed in XHTML and offer even more opportunities for professional and individual designs.

Multi View:
· We took the user-interface a stage forward in its development, making editing your website easier than ever before. The new Multi View simplifies the process, with all page elements (e.g. articles and teasers) now shown next to each other on one single screen. other ; Other; download Zeta Producer 10.0 Premium. You can start editing your articles with a single click and, what is more, your screen-space will be used more economically – especially on wide screen displays.

Improved lists for image and file management, and attributes:
· Dialogue boxes for image and file management categories are now modelled as list views, allowing you to access the relevant elements easier and faster than ever before.

RSS function:
· The new RSS function enables you to publish your articles as an RSS feed. RSS is a standard format being offered by many websites and blogs and is compatible with all recent browsers and various applications known as RSS readers.

CSS print output:
· All Zeta Producer layouts contain a special style-sheet for the print output. All current web browsers use this media-specific style-sheet to directly switch to the print version. Therefore the content of your website can be printed by simply clicking the menu item. In addition, you can add a print option to the extras menu on your website.

Automatically publish backups to an FTP server:
· The back-up function has been enhanced and you now can specify an FTP server to which your back-up is automatically published after being created: so in case of a local data-loss, you still have your back-up on your remote server. In addition, you can now include the layout you have selected in the back-up process. other ; Other; download Zeta Producer 10.0 Premium.

Building and publishing even more transparent:
· The functions for building and publishing your website are now even more user-friendly than ever before. A detailed list of all pages to be built and published gives you a transparent overview of what’s going on behind the scenes. You can add or remove individual items in the building and publishing process.

Active Objects:
· With more than 30 objects, you can give your website stunning effects with just a few clicks of the mouse. Our range includes text effects, integrating external services (e.g. Google search) and several professional image albums, including automatically creating thumbnails.

Guestbook and Weblog:
· The Guestbook and Weblog interactive objects are both based on the Zeta Producer Online Modules. You can unlock, delete or edit entries and comments in the online management window.

Startup Center:
· The Startup Center enables you to configure the start-up behaviour of Zeta Producer to suit your needs. other ; Other; download Zeta Producer 10.0 Premium.

Checking external hyperlinks:
· This function validates hyperlinks on your site and is now capable of handling external hyperlinks, too. Using this function to check every link on your site will make link-related errors a thing of the past!

Sorting child pages:
· Child pages now can be sorted in ascending and descending alphabetical order, as well as being arranged by drag and drop.

Simplified articles insertion:
· A new article is inserted exactly where you want it to be: No more moving the article up or down after creation.

Single-click article editing:
· Each article on the Multi View now displays an Edit hyperlink that enables you to edit it at the click of a mouse.

Extended HTML editor for article styles:
· With the new extended HTML editor, you will now be able to adjust font-size and -type, as well as font colour.