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OEM Zaxwerks ProModeler 4.5 : Buy & Download

Zaxwerks ProModeler 4.5
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Graphics and Design
Retail price: $295.95
Our Price: $69.95
3D Text Creation Rather than starting in Adobe Illustrator, you can now jump into the 3D process with a full-featured text editor. Graphics and Design ; Other; download Zaxwerks ProModeler 4.5. The 3D text engine can use Post Script Type 1 and True Type fonts resident on your computer system to directly create 3D models using any of the 100 edge bevels included with the program. Each letter can have its own font, size, kerning, tracking, baseline shift, horizontal and vertical scale, color, bevel, position and depth. But the most astounding hallmark to this feature is the ability to change the text at any phase of the production process and retain the color and modeling. This means that after the first version of the image is created, 50 other versions can be created by simply changing the text. The new 3D text will retain the same coloring, text attributes, 3D beveling, and texture map placement. This makes for an unbelievably fast production process when many changes or extra versions are needed.