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OEM Zaklad Przetwarzania Zuzytego Sprzetu 1.0 Polish : Buy & Download

Zaklad Przetwarzania Zuzytego Sprzetu 1.0 Polish
Manufacturer: Other
Category: other
Retail price: $59.95
Our Price: $39.95
Collecting used equipment in 2010 is an application
to capture all the information companies
waste collectors of used equipment
Electrical and elektronicznego. other ; Other; download Zaklad Przetwarzania Zuzytego Sprzetu 1.0 Polish.Oprogramowanie
meets all the requirements of the Law on the used equipment
electrical and electronic equipment from July 29, 2005 (Journal of Laws
No. 180, item. 1495) and the decree of the Minister
Środowiska of 12 May 2009 (OJ 2009 No. 81 pos.
682). The software is designed both for
individual shops and businesses as well as the network
any number of branches. To this end, developed
was a special Web interface operating as a
application model enables simultaneous ASP.Program
the work of many users, which allows for efficient and
fast service and transparent kontrahentow.Prosty
interface allows you to get started quickly with
the work. Detailed information about the interface
User can be found in the screenshots section.
One of the unique features is the possibility
printed for the export formats: MS Word, MS
Excel, PDF, JPEG, BMP, and many other formats
graficznych.Kolejna of features provided by
program feature is the possibility of filtering data
displayed on the lists. Each has a
built-in filter module editor, by which
You can view only the data which it