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OEM Wavefunction Spartan 08 1.1 : Buy & Download

Wavefunction Spartan 08 1.1
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With unsurpassed visualization and a wide range of well documented computational methods in a single user-friendly software tool, Spartan delivers the full power of molecular modeling to chemists everywhere. other ; Other; download Wavefunction Spartan 08 1.1. From lead selection and optimization to process development, from chemistry education to quantum chemical research--Spartan provides state-of-the-art chemistry technology for your desktop computer. A set of intuitive builders and import/export options enable the simple construction and analysis of a wide variety of chemical systems. While Spartans high-accuracy computational models elicit molecular properties supporting research for a multitude of chemistry disciplines, the software is so easy to use that it has become the dominant molecular modeling application used in the modern chemistry curriculum. SpartanModel is an Electronic Model Kit. Making use of computer technology, SpartanModel replaces the plastic models used by past generations of organic chemistry students, and extends the utility of molecular models in chemistry education. Spartan Student Edition is a serious molecular modeling package for teaching, and learning, chemistry. Combining Spartans easy-to-use graphical interface with a targeted set of computational engines, the Student Edition provides fundamental molecular modeling utilities supporting the Organic Chemistry curriculum. other ; Other; download Wavefunction Spartan 08 1.1. Spartan Essential Edition includes a full range of molecular mechanics and quantum chemical methods, up through and including Hartree-Fock Ab Initio methods, behind the cutting-edge Spartan GUI, putting powerful calculations at your fingertips. This version of Spartan is most commonly used in academic computer labs. Spartan is the most sophisticated version offered. The latest Spartan08 release offers offers all features and methods included in the Spartan Essential Edition, and in collaboration with Q-Chem, provides a full range of post-Hartree-Fock methods including Density Functional, Moller Plesset, Theremochemistry recipes (including the new T1 procedure), and an assortment of Advanced Correlated approaches. Spartan08 also contains many of the same medicinal chemistry features available in the Trident program, and is the dominant version used in academic, government, and commercial research. Support Windows XP/Vista