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OEM WaveFunction Odyssey High School Chemistry 3.4 : Buy & Download

WaveFunction Odyssey High School Chemistry 3.4
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Odyssey is a unique teaching program for introductory and general chemistry classes in high schools, colleges, and universities. other ; Other; download WaveFunction Odyssey High School Chemistry 3.4. Utilizing scientifically-based molecular simulations, ODYSSEY provides an interactive environment for learning and exploration.
Cutting edge teaching software with ready-to use chemistry experiments and student assignable worksheets. Includes annotated molecular stockroom and an easy-to-use model kit for building almost any chemical system. The new must-have tool for any science teacher who is interested in visualizing chemistry at the molecular level.

ODYSSEY provides instructors with 75 (College Version) or 50 (High School Version) Experiments prepared and ready to use. Each experiment is designed to engage students in discovery-based learning. While experiments are developed for student use, they can also be utilized for classroom demonstrations. Learners are provided with unparalleled visualization and simulation of matter at the molecular level.
Experiment Categories:
Chemical Matter
Liquids and Solids
Atoms and Periodicity
Chemical Bonding
Acids and Bases
Chemical Thermodynamics
Organic Chemistry

Easily Create Your Own Models
In addition to a Molecular Stockroom of many hundreds of compounds, ODYSSEY also contains a set of model kits enabling instructors to construct almost any system imaginable. All ODYSSEY files (and the program itself) can be easily hyperlinked within Microsoft PowerPoint for use in classroom presentations.

Model Kit
ODYSSEY's Model Kit contains a set of builders for Inorganic Molecules, Organic Molecules, Solids, Peptides, and Nucleotides. These builders are similar to those in Wavefunction's Spartan, that is used by tens of thousands of students, instructors, and researchers world-wide.

The Model Kit enables the construction of almost any chemical system. This puts an open ended virtual laboratory at your fingertips. other ; Other; download WaveFunction Odyssey High School Chemistry 3.4. All constructed systems are available for simulation and exploration.

Molecular Stockroom
ODYSSEY's Molecular Stockroom provides hundreds of pre-constructed samples of matter spanning a wide range of systems. Each entry allows for query of system properties, visualization in multiple model styles, and molecular simulation. The models can be used as the entry to a classroom demonstration or as starting content for new lab activities.

The stockroom can be browsed by individual items or by category. Categories represented include:
Organic Compounds
Inorganic Compounds

Plots and Properties
A number of important chemical Properties can be measured with ODYSSEY. These may be correlated in a variety of useful plots, including XY-plots and histograms.

ODYSSEY can query a host of properties including density, number of molecules, electronegativity, molar mass, mass fraction, distances and angles, temperature, volume, pressure, kinetic energy, potential energy, atomic and molecular charges, dipole moments, speeds, collision frequencies, and number of hydrogen bonds. Several properties (volume, temperature, system composition) are user adjustable.