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OEM Watermark Software SWF To GIF 3.4 : Buy & Download

Watermark Software SWF To GIF 3.4
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Graphics and Design
Retail price: $79.95
Our Price: $39.95
SWF to GIF Converter is easy to use conversion software allow you convert SWF format to animated GIF or seriate pictures. Graphics and Design ; Other; download Watermark Software SWF To GIF 3.4. It will keep the output quality and speed as same as your swf files, in other words, no difference between SWF and GIF. If you want to change speed rate of output GIF, you can also do it.

The animated GIF will be more suitable for transmission, using chat tools to release dynamic picture and any situations which can not use flash document. SWF to GIF Converter can optimize the output, ensuring the same quality, the smallest document.

SWF to GIF Converter Features

SWF to GIF Converter lossless and Fast Convert SWF to GIF
In the conversion process, SWF to GIF can retain the effect of SWF file intact and provide the multi-level choice of the quality to adapt to different purpose. SWF to GIF converter include changing file size, and set the output effects in advance . SWF to GIF uses the most advanced decoding technology, not only can identify the common flash SWF files, but also support perfectly for Script SWF which the majority of similar software can not identify.

Understand GIF Animation Files
Because GIF files are small, and support the flash show, it’s very popular, but many friends have a certain degree of difficulty when producing GIF flash, SWF to GIF solve this problem for you. You just need input SWF files into SWF to GIF software, and then operate in accordance with these steps, you can get your own GIF flash images. At the same time, you can also use our company’s watermark software, producing your own GIF flash logo. SWF to GIF also supports exporting single picture in any format from the SWF file.

About SWF and GIF
SWF is the special format of Macromedia's animation design software—Flash. SWF supports vector and lattice graphics, it also possesses specialties like: Zoom without distortion, small file size and so on. It uses streaming media technology; you download and play at the same time. Graphics and Design ; Other; download Watermark Software SWF To GIF 3.4. It is widely used in web design, animation production and other fields at present. SWF files are also known as Flash files commonly. GIF is divided into animated GIF and static GIF, it supports transparent background image, "size" is small, and many on-line short flashes are GIF format. In fact, GIF saves a number of images as an image file, producing flash accordingly. In the final analysis, GIF is still image file format, so it’s very popular, preponderating over the SWF far-forth, so there is SWF to GIF animation converter.

Support Windows all