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OEM Vico Control 2009 4.0 : Buy & Download

Vico Control 2009 4.0
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Retail price: $79.95
Our Price: $29.95
“Vico Control” is a unique, location-based construction management system which enables the creation of significantly compressed schedules without increasing risk. other ; Other; download Vico Control 2009 4.0. Vico Control is modular software – the combination of features can be tailored to customers’ needs. The Standard package includes Schedule Planning, Project Control, Procurement, and Risk Management. Advanced features include Micromanagement and Cost Control. Vico Control 2009 enhancements provide improved performance, additional reporting features, and enhanced compatibility with third party products.

Task Drawing in Flowline
Vico Control makes the creation of baseline schedules easy. Simply draw tasks directly on the Flowline and get a baseline schedule. The baseline schedule can be refined later with actual resources and quantities.

Location Breakdown Structure Sorting Option in Flowline
Clearly present and communicate Tasks. Using the LBS, you can freely sort the display order of locations in the Flowline, including “mixing” locations. other ; Other; download Vico Control 2009 4.0. This feature prevents visual task splitting in the Flowline and simplifies the schedule structure.

Filter Accuracy of Shown Tasks
Using the hierarchy structure function, you can filter the accuracy of shown tasks and adjust the level of detail to the target audience. Tasks can be planned to a very accurate degree, but still presented on a less granular level.

Dependency Network
Illustrate the program logic in the network view and add any required dependencies between tasks. Dependencies can also be created and viewed in the Gantt chart and Flowline views.

When creating quantity-based schedules, you can edit or report quantities with the Bill-of-Quantities view

Resource Histogram
The Resource histogram allows you to examine how labor and materials are used throughout a project. You can use this information to drive procurement and assess the feasibility of your schedule plan. The Resource Histogram can also be used to track project progress and to compare the baseline plan for usage of material or labor to actual or forecast usage. Vico Control 2009′s enhanced Resource Histogram can be integrated with other views, and allows you to filter the data by tasks. other ; Other; download Vico Control 2009 4.0.

Location-specific Crew Count
Keep the schedule clean and readable. The Control 2009 location-specific crew count lets you change the number of crews in each location without splitting the task.

Project Control
Vico Control 2009’s project control tools allow your team to easily record and monitor the progress of a project, compare actual progress to the schedule, and to react to any deviations.

Control Chart
Get a quick feel of the state of a project through intuitive color-coding. The Control Chart is the main tool for inserting actual information to tasks.

Actual Editing Calendar
The Control user interface makes actual insertion fast and accurate by allowing users to insert the same information to several locations simultaneously. The calendar allows users to quickly insert multiple data items, such as start date, how many days the task has progressed, actual hours, and completion percentages. Inserted information will immediately update the schedule forecasts, and thus allow users to take any necessary corrective action.

Inserting Actual Information in the Gantt View
Inserting actual data in the Gantt chart view improves productivity and enables tighter collaboration with subcontractors. other ; Other; download Vico Control 2009 4.0. Simply copy/paste data from Excel, or type directly to the cells. Using this feature, subcontractors’ information regarding the status of their tasks can be inserted into Control with just few clicks.

The actual information gives users a clear insight into how the project will proceed if work continues as it has done so far. Vico Control presents forecast information both in the Flowline and the Gantt chart views. Users can compare the actual and forecast dates to the planned ones.

Link Multiple Projects
Combine several projects into one file for the creation of reports, monitoring of actual progress, or for managing procurement. Projects can then be separated back into smaller entities, which project managers can then utilize.

Support Windows 2K / XP / Vista / 7