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OEM VanDerLee UnPlugged-X 2.0 for Adobe Photoshop CS2 : Buy & Download

VanDerLee UnPlugged-X 2.0 for Adobe Photoshop CS2
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Software plugins
Retail price: $29.95
Our Price: $14.95
UnPlugged™-X™ is a collection of over 100 different filter effects wrapped into a single plug-in. Software plugins ; Other; download VanDerLee UnPlugged-X 2.0 for Adobe Photoshop CS2. Combining all those effects into a single plug-in allows you to use them in ways not possible with separate effects. With UnPlugged-X, the whole is larger than the sum of the parts. Take a look below for some of the most important features. Or if you want to find out for yourself, UnPlugged-X is free to try; click here to download demo version. Save time Pick any number of effects and apply them all at once. Just need a single effect? Select it and youre done! No need to configure anything you dont need. A Random button quickly demonstrates what an effect can do.