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OEM TatukGIS Editor 1.9 : Buy & Download

TatukGIS Editor 1.9
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Internet
Retail price: $69.95
Our Price: $39.95
The TatukGIS Editor supports all of the features of the free TatukGIS Viewer, plus an extensive set of features to create, edit, translate, and analyze GIS map files or projects. Internet ; Other; download TatukGIS Editor 1.9. The Editor opens most GIS/CAD and raster image file types and most ArcView®, ArcExplorer®, and MapInfo Professional® projects and can convert and save map layers to a choice of widely used file types. Because all file formats are supported “natively”, free of conversion to/from any internal format, the TatukGIS Editor is compatible with other GIS software products which an organization may already have in use.

Besides the reasonable license price, the Editor is intuitive and easy to use which can significantly reduce the costs of training new users. The Editor can be learned from the tutorials and help files which are accessible under the program’s Help menu. The user interface is provided in 16 language options.

Although the Editor is most typically used as a stand-alone desktop application, it supports the opening of WMS (Web Map Service) layers and can be configured to work with SQL geodatabase layers running on almost any SQL database server product for multi-user access and editing of the same map files via a network. The Editor presently supports the reading/writing of data in three SQL database layer formats.

The Editor includes advanced functionality to build line and polygon topology. Internet ; Other; download TatukGIS Editor 1.9. This provides the means to efficiently identify and correct topology errors from shape file map layers. 

Support Windows XP/2K/Vista