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OEM Steinberg Nuendo Surround Edition 1.5 : Buy & Download

Steinberg Nuendo Surround Edition 1.5
Manufacturer: Steinberg
Category: Multimedia and Entertainment
Retail price: $329.95
Our Price: $29.95
Steinberg Media Technologies AG presents the Nuendo Surround Edition. Multimedia and Entertainment ; Steinberg; download Steinberg Nuendo Surround Edition 1.5. This is a collection of 6 realtime surround PlugIns with up to 8 channel capability, designed for daily use in post-production work. Since the needs in a surround environment differ quite significantly from the classic two channel world, Steinberg Spectral Design has developed this PlugIn collection specifically as tools for the specialized fields of film, theater, DVD and modern music production. In a standard sound engineering situation: Compressing a 5.1 mix signal where the source is moving from rear to front, current compressor address only one or two channels leaving the surround mix unbalanced and lose integrity due to different levels on the 6 channels. Current compressors address only one or two channels leaving a surround mix totally unbalanced. However the single band OctoComp offers the possibility of 8 discrete channels of compression per PlugIn. Plus all channels can be easily linked, taking into account the maximum level of all selected channels when calculating the control values of the compressor. This means total channel configuration. Likewise the OctoComp shows up with a improved interface. The algorithm works now with an enhanced compressor characteristic In addition, the OctoComp offers proven Spectral Design sound quality with easy handling. The same is true of the 8-channel loudness maximizer OctoMaxx, which lifts the effective loudness and punchiness of the audio material-even when the signal is already set to maximum level. The OctoQ is an outstanding 7-band parametric Equalizer that processes the signal internally at double sampling rate. Now the interface of the OctoQ is enlarged, so easier handling of parameters is guaranteed. OctoVerb