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OEM Sax ActiveX Comm Objects 8 : Buy & Download

Sax ActiveX Comm Objects 8
Manufacturer: Other
Category: other
Retail price: $99.95
Our Price: $49.95
Sax Comm Objects is a an easy to use ActiveX control and COM object that lets you add powerful, multi-threaded communications capabilities to your 32-bit windows applications. other ; Other; download Sax ActiveX Comm Objects 8. Sax Comm Objects Enterprise Edition expands this feature set with modem support, data-compression, a common user-interface, and other time-saving features. If your application needs to work with modems, it is highly recommended that you use the enterprise edition, since it supports the Windows telephony API (TAPI). TAPI modem support means that your application can use the modems that are configured in the Windows control panel. Theres no need to make the unpleasant process of configuring modems a part of your applications installation process. In addition to the ZModem protocol that is supported in the standard edition, the enterprise edition also lets you use the XModem, YModem, and Kermit protocols for file transfers. Look-up-strings provide a very fast way to look for specific strings of text. This can be handy when writing code that automatically logs into a host, or looks for patterns from a hardware device. Common user interface elements such as toolbars, status bars, and configuration dialogs give your application a professional look & feel, with minimal coding. The enterprise edition also comes bundled with Sax Zip Objects. Compressing your data files not only increases the speed of your file transfers, it also provides an extra layer of integrity checking and keeps all important files together. other ; Other; download Sax ActiveX Comm Objects 8.