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OEM Red Giant Magic Bullet Colorista 1.1 for Premiere Pro CS4 or earlier : Buy & Download

Red Giant Magic Bullet Colorista 1.1 for Premiere Pro CS4 or earlier
Manufacturer: Adobe
Category: Software plugins
Retail price: $69.95
Our Price: $39.95
Now that you've locked your edit, it's time to load Magic Bullet Colorista to make your project shine. Software plugins ; Adobe; download Red Giant Magic Bullet Colorista 1.1 for Premiere Pro CS4 or earlier. Under the hood is the next-generation Magic Bullet engine with real-time processing for fast review and rendering. Colorista is ready for action with industry-standard color wheels for precise color control. Plus, use the Power Mask tool to isolate areas - the easiest way to light up your talent. Magic Bullet Colorista and Magic Bullet Looks are the perfect tools for color finishing.

Precise Color Balance
Colorista make your whites look white and helps your talent look their best with controls for modifying shadows, mid-tones and highlights. The familiar Lift, Gamma, Gain color wheels allow for easy adjustment of color balance and luminance with ultra-sensitive control for precise results. Additional Saturation and Exposure options let you make flesh tones look natural and set highlight and shadow levels exactly.
Real time DeepColor RT
Maximize your performance with the power of the DeepColor RT engine inside Colorista. Play back SD and HD (720p) projects in real-time by efficiently using your system's graphics processing power. The next-generation DeepColor RT engine preserves quality in every application host so that 10-bit projects remain 10-bit.
Mask with Ease
Apply the correction just where you need it. With Colorista you can create a simple circular or rectangular shape to isolate a specific zone. No longer is it necessary to pre-mask a shot to deepen the color of a sky or redefine the actionable area of the shot. The animatable controls for area and feather let you work right in the canvas or composer window.