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OEM Red Giant Film Fix 1.0 for Adobe After Effects : Buy & Download

Red Giant Film Fix 1.0 for Adobe After Effects
Manufacturer: Adobe
Category: Software plugins
Retail price: $59.95
Our Price: $29.95
Film Fix is designed for documentary filmmakers and post production studios that need film and video restoration tools. Software plugins ; Adobe; download Red Giant Film Fix 1.0 for Adobe After Effects. Using Film Fix, After Effects and Digital Fusion users can restore tears, remove dust and dirt particles, and stabilize footage originated on film and video resolution material transferred from film. The processing is nearly automatic and provides high-quality output.

  •      FAME (Fast Accurate Motion Estimation) processes pixel-accurate image data at different scales similar to the way the human eye views the world.
  •     Powerful, intelligent algorithms allow it to identify problems such as dust, dirt, and tearing despite complex motion in the footage.


  •     Repair seams with the only automated tear-repair tool on the market.
  •     Stabilize footage with a software-based 2D translation that is near real-time.
  •     Automatically eliminate severe non-linear inter-frame brightness fluctuations.
  •     Remove dust and sparkle defects using motion detection information.