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OEM Radiant ProMetric 8.5 : Buy & Download

Radiant ProMetric 8.5
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Business
Retail price: $69.95
Our Price: $29.95
ProMetric 8. Business ; Other; download Radiant ProMetric 8.5.5 Software is a mature data acquisition and analysis Windows-based application that is unprecedented in the light measurement industry for its ease of use and level of user control. ProMetric is a user-friendly, open data software capable of automated control for data acquisition analysis. ProMetric software allows control of data acquisition and analysis via ActiveX controls. Fully automated testing can be realized in LabView, Matlab, VBA, VBScript, Javascript, C, C++... With ActiveX technology, users can build their own custom test and analysis sequence. Ideal for Research, QA, QC, and Production! Radiant Imaging will even develop a test and analysis application customized for your specific application and testing requirements.. The newly released ProMetric 8.5 Software includes the following new features: * Expanded Cross-Section tool combines color and luminance/illuminance in one interface and includes a new user line feature to allow cross-section through any line created with a simple click and drag. * New interactive color analysis tool for determining point color coordinates and color differences on the CIE 1931 and 1976 Color Charts. * Quick determination of minimum and maximum measured values added to Bitmap and Analysis tools. * Expanded Measurement Operations easily allows measurement comparison, manipulation and rescaling. * User defined Points of Interest has an improved/expanded definition interface and has additional point and area types. Business ; Other; download Radiant ProMetric 8.5. * Implementation of new calibration algorithms to improve the accuracy of luminance/illuminance and color measurements. * Revamped menus for a more user friendly and intuitive interface. * New ActiveX functions to access more ProMetric features. * And much, much more . . .