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OEM QuicklyTech QuickShadow 2.0 : Buy & Download

QuicklyTech QuickShadow 2.0
Manufacturer: Other
Category: other
Retail price: $69.95
Our Price: $39.95
QuickShadow Backup is the fast, simple, easy to use instant backup solution for Windows PCs. other ; Other; download QuicklyTech QuickShadow 2.0. As you can see, we don’t spend a lot on advertising, our web site, or nice photographs of boxed software – we only distribute on the internet. Our interest is backup software that works – not flashy web sites or fluff. No gimmicks, no catches, just easy to use software that just works. other ; Other; download QuicklyTech QuickShadow 2.0.

  • Backup to USB drive, NAS (network) drive, or a Windows Server 
  • Watch files on PC and automatically copy changes to the backup 
  • Quick, easy Synchronise between source and destination 
  • Easy exclusions of things not to copy – by pattern and file name extension 
  • Copy files of any size 
  • Low priority background operation to keep your PC running FAST 
  • Copies normal, System and Hidden files 
  • Copies files with extremely long path names 
  • Can clean off the destination to force it to be identical to the source (delete from backup) 
  • Extensive on-line help 
  • Automatically checks for a new version 
  • Small, fast and unobtrusive 
  • Right-click Windows Explorer menu to locate a file on the backup 
  • Works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003 and Server 2008 
  • Number of backup sets (sources and destinations) 10 1
  • 2-way synchronise option 
  • Create and manage up to 20 old versions of a file on the backup 
  • Synchronise can be scheduled 
  • Copy open files from the PC (eg Outlook and Thunderbird mailboxes) 
  • Verify a copy after it is made (only if open file copy option used) 
  • When watching files on the PC – operations are saved if the backup device is not available, for trying again later 
  • Can shut PC down when synchronise is finished 
  • Right-click Windows Explorer menu to restore a file or one of its previous older versions from the backup back to your PC