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OEM Quest Spotlight On Sql Server : Buy & Download

Quest Spotlight On Sql Server
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Server Software
Retail price: $595.95
Our Price: $59.95
Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise provides an agent-less easy-to-use database issue discovery solution that enables you to identify and resolve SQL Server performance problems within your SQL Server environment. Server Software ; Other; download Quest Spotlight On Sql Server This powerful tool pinpoints the underlying SQL server contention issues and processes for fast and efficient database administration. With Spotlight, DBAs can drill down to locate in-depth information about the source of thousands of SQL Server performance problems such as: a specific user, a resource-intensive SQL transaction, an I/O bottleneck, a lock or wait. Spotlight for SQL Server Enterprise sets a baseline for normal activity for each instance, and can set thresholds, notify users and display alerts when it detects performance bottlenecks of any kind. Spotlight not only monitors the SQL Server Environment, but the underlying operating system on which it resides. From an overview screen, DBAs can view the most active SQL Server sessions, SQL statements, Replication information , blocks, waits, and disk activityto pinpoint and alleviate problems before they occur and seriously impact end users. Lastly, Spotlight gives users the ability to collect data for short-term diagnostics and long term storage that can be highly configurable and dynamic for future analysis and planning purposes. SQL Server professionals can report off the data for a deeper understanding of their performance issues