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OEM Quest Spotlight On Oracle v4.5 : Buy & Download

Quest Spotlight On Oracle v4.5
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Internet
Retail price: $669.95
Our Price: $59.95
Spotlight® on Oracle allows you to quickly discover any performance bottleneck—in real-time or historically—using the granular record and playback function. Internet ; Other; download Quest Spotlight On Oracle v4.5. Spotlight identifies and diagnoses thousands of performance issues, whether it’s a specific user, resource-intensive SQL transaction, I/O bottleneck, lock wait or other exact source. Spotlight for Oracle automatically sets a baseline of normal activity for each instance, and can automatically set thresholds and display alerts when it detects performance bottlenecks of any kind. Spotlight on Oracle also offers Knowledge Xpert for Oracle Administration which provides thousands of the topics and insights DBAs need to troubleshoot problems and apply solutions to Oracle performance concerns. Internet ; Other; download Quest Spotlight On Oracle v4.5. Spotlight on Oracle can be purchased as a stand-alone product or as part of the Quest Central for Oracle suite. Also, Quest offers Spotlight on Oracle RAC, which provides a full diagnostic capability for an Oracle RAC (Real Application Cluster) environment. Key Benefits Identifies thousands of performance problems, both historically or in real time, and provides expert advice to resolve of any type of issue Eliminates guesswork in problem identification and resolution Extends diagnostic capability to RAC environments Key Features New automation and memory managementlaunch window capability for Oracle9i facilitating the use of the advisories now built into the database Discovers hard-to-find bottlenecks that comprise up to 80 percent of performance issues, such as wait events, buffer busy and lock switch Displays process flowslaunch window within an Oracle instance Displays comprehensive detail for previously recorded activitylaunch window Provides a comprehensive, context-sensitive help text covering thousands of topics by integrating with Knowledge Xpert for Oracle Administration Enables you to set baselines for each individual instance Displays the details of problem areas, including Top Sessions, launch windowInefficient SQL, launch windowLocks, Latches, Wait Eventslaunch window, and Disk I/Olaunch window, helping you identify performance problems quickly Provides specific tuning advice for tuning latcheslaunch window Provides detailed performance information and alarming for RAC Spotlight Data Export Wizard to export descriptive performance information about your database to an XML file which assist hardware vendords in making hardware recommendations Integrates tightly with KnowledgeXpertlaunch window for context-sensitive advice

. Internet ; Other; download Quest Spotlight On Oracle v4.5