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OEM Quantumwise Atomistix Toolkit 11.2 x64 : Buy & Download

Quantumwise Atomistix Toolkit 11.2 x64
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Business
Retail price: $129.95
Our Price: $39.95
Atomistix ToolKit (ATK) from QuantumWise is a software package that offers unique capabilities for simulating electrical transport properties of nanodevices on the atomic scale. Business ; Other; download Quantumwise Atomistix Toolkit 11.2 x64. Based on an open architecture which integrates a powerful scripting language with a graphical user interface, ATK is a comprehensive platform for studies in nanoelectronics, using methods that range from both accurate quantum-mechanical first-principles and fast semi-empirical methods to classical potentials for very fast geometry optimizations and molecular dynamics calculations.

A special focus is placed on treating large-scale systems, with several thousand atoms. Moreover, ATK includes a very advanced electrostatic model to allow realistic simulations of nanoscale transistor structures. ATK also offers basic electronic structure calculations, including geometry optimization, of molecules and periodic structures like bulk crystals, nanotubes, slabs, etc.

The software is used by over 100 research groups at leading universities, government labs, and electronics companies around the world, in a wide range of application areas. Since 2006, over 300 scientific articles were published using ATK, and many new unique features are planned for release during 2011.


  •     Graphene
  •     Nanotubes
  •     Nanowires
  •     Magnetic Tunnel Junctions
  •     Molecular Electronics
  •     Spintronics
  •     High-k Dielectrics
  •     Three-Terminal Devices
  •     Single-Electron Transistors


  •     Electronic Structure
  •     I–V Curves
  •     Spin Current
  •     Schottky Barriers
  •     Conductance
  •     Contact Resistance
  •     Tunnel Magneto-Resistance
  •     Transistor Characteristics
  •     Charge Stability Diagrams

. Business ; Other; download Quantumwise Atomistix Toolkit 11.2 x64