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OEM Qivx ProQuant 1.3 : Buy & Download

Qivx ProQuant 1.3
Manufacturer: Other
Category: other
Retail price: $349.95
Our Price: $59.95
Implementing the Houts Precision Profile for calibration, characterization and optimization of response curves. other ; Other; download Qivx ProQuant 1.3. ProQuant reduces required sample size and increases the speed and accuracy of the analysis of both research and development testing and in-production monitoring. Data can be input by keyboard, formatted and free-form file import, and by pasting from spreadsheet screens. Output data are optimized for DOE processing and custom reports. ProQuant Response-Curve Analysis implementing the Houts Precision Profile an advanced technique for Characterizing and Optimizing Response Curve Accuracy. For any discipline measuring a curve of knowns against sets of variable responses. Immunoassay, Chemical, Biochemical and Biological analysis, Instrument calibration.