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OEM Panoptica 1.0 : Buy & Download

Panoptica 1.0
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Multimedia and Entertainment
Retail price: $59.95
Our Price: $29.95
Video panorama software

Panoptica is an application for doing new things with movie files and video clips. Multimedia and Entertainment ; Other; download Panoptica 1.0. 

Its capabilities include: 
· Creating panoramic videos
· Viewing 360° panoramic scenes captured from videos
· Creating panoramic stills from video
· Remaking video using different camera moves
· Removing unwanted moving objects from videos
· Reducing, removing or adding camera shake
· Changing the frame aspect ratio of videos
· Changing the pixel resolution of videos

Panoptica makes these things possible by working out where the camera was pointing and how it was orientated when exposing each frame. It analyses the original video frames to extract the camera geometry and lens properties. Once this information is gathered it can be used to create new ways of looking at the scene and action. 

Panoptica uses movie files which can be obtained from many different sources. You can use a digital camera to shoot your own videos and upload them to your computer. You can even use clips you have downloaded from the Internet or those you have captured from your PC screen.

When capturing your own video material it is a good idea to put the camera on a tripod to get the highest quality results and avoid effects like camera shake and motion blur.

Support Windows XP/ 2K / Vista / 7