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OEM OO Defrag Server 14.0 German x64 : Buy & Download

OO Defrag Server 14.0 German x64
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Server Software
Retail price: $299.95
Our Price: $69.95
This application is a defragmentation tool for Windows Servers

O&O Defrag Server Edition is not only the ideal, specially-created defragmentation software for servers - it also contains the O&O Defrag network management. Server Software ; Other; download OO Defrag Server 14.0 German x64. 

O&O Defrag Server Edition helps you distribute and control O&O Defrag Server Edition over your entire network. O&O Defrag Server Edition even includes it own software distribution system (O&O ComponentInstaller), which enables you to distribute the software around the network with only a few clicks of the mouse. Even updates can be easily integrated with the intelligent version checking system.

A special O&O Defrag Server Edition agent is included as client software with the O&O Defrag Server Edition - this agent only needs to be installed once. After this, the entire communication is controlled with the console. 

Whenever the console recognizes a new computer on which the agent has not yet been installed, the administrator is prompted to install it. No further software is required, nor are any further configurations. Everything will be done for you, and all fully integrated in Windows' security concept. Server Software ; Other; download OO Defrag Server 14.0 German x64.
Here are some key features of "O&O Defrag Server Edition":

· Optimizes any make of Solid State Drives (SSDs)
· Quick configuration for getting started easily
· Optimized control of zoning
· O&O ActivityMonitor for managing resources
· Improved automatic optimization in the background
· Advanced management of reports
· Zone filing for optimal organization of files
· Eight (8) defragmentation methods
· Even better at eliminating high levels of fragmentation
· Optimized for Windows Server operating systems
· Job Assistant for scheduling defragmentation
· Power management for netbooks and notebooks
· Displays status of files and drives
· Network capability with O&O Enterprise Management Console