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OEM Oggisoft LAN-eMail Pro 2009 German : Buy & Download

Oggisoft LAN-eMail Pro 2009 German
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Internet
Retail price: $89.95
Our Price: $39.95
LAN-eMail Pro works only on a network or a network card installed. Internet ; Other; download Oggisoft LAN-eMail Pro 2009 German.With this easy to use e-mail program to make your internal and external e-mail correspondence, even with computers that have no internet connection. The program has an Internet / LAN e-mail distribution system that works without any proxy server. This allows all PCs on your network with or without Internet access, e-mails to the Internet to send and receive. Only the PC on which the distribution system is active, you need an Internet connection.In a joint account, all emails stored that do not have Verteilauftrag, could not be distributed or to the collective-mail address usually were sent.The program has two inboxes, local, and the shared inbox. The inbox is shared by all users on the LAN accessible. The program works regardless profile! In addition, the program is a SMS and a chat function for direct exchange of views on the local network.Sending emails via Internet dial-up ((DSL)-Modem, ISDN) or via a router or via the MAPI interface. Here is the LAN-eMail Pro in terms of security as some competitors, such as the program can e-mail directly to the e-mail servers delete the provider.LAN-eMail Pro creates in collaboration with the Program Manager, notes, a personal information manager (PIM) *.