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OEM Novell Netware 6.5 With SP4 : Buy & Download

Novell Netware 6.5 With SP4
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Category: Server Software
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Novell has always included server functionality with NetWare. Server Software ; Other; download Novell Netware 6.5 With SP4. It also supported Macintosh, IBM 3270, Unix and from the beginning. Novell continues this strategy with NetWare 6.5, providing access to network resources from any Web browser and enabling workers to access and synchronize data no matter where they are. This review is based on our experience with the public release beta of NetWare 6.5. The production release is scheduled to hit the shelves August 15. In more than a week of testing, we encountered no freezes or problems with the late beta code, a good sign for the stability of the final version. The 6.5 version number is a puzzling though, as NetWare 6.5 is a big jump from NetWare 6 in its capabilities and functionality, and it contains more than enough features to justify a jump to a new number. New features include Open Source server applications; SSH access to network resources; Novells Virtual Office; a secure Web portal for users to access their data, e-mail, and printers from anywhere; an improved version of iFolder, which enables users to access and synchronize their data on multiple PCs; fibre channel and iSCSI support; Nterprise branch office functionality that allows remote installation, management, and synchronization of branch office servers; IPv6 support; remote administration; and updates and backup/restore for better support of branch offices. The list of new and improved features runs to six pages. Obviously, we can cover only some of them here, with details on the new features later in the story. While previous versions of NetWare used proprietary Web and database servers, 6.5 provides Open Source servers and scripting hosts -- Apache 2.0.45, MySQL 4. Server Software ; Other; download Novell Netware 6.5 With SP4.0.12, Perl 5.8, PHP 4.2.3, and Tomcat 4.1.18. This move means that administrators and network architects can deploy the same software on Linux, Windows, and NetWare servers, and they can leverage skills developed by Linux developers while gaining the strong authentication available on NetWare. Installing NetWare 6.5 is simple and shouldnt be intimidating, even for administrators unfamiliar with the product. The first choice to make is whether to do a streamlined install or a customized one. Like their names imply, a streamlined installation essentially installs all the functionality available, while a customized one lets you select the server applications you wish to install from a long list that includes Web server, Tomcat application server, DHCP/DNS server, file/print server, and backup server. You can install one kind of server, or all of them. Next, specify network information such as IP addresses. IPX/SPX is still optional, although not installed by default. Finally, you can join an existing NDS tree or create a new one, name the server, specify security standards, and install the license file, specify server application settings if you are installing them, and finish the installation. Once the server is up and running, you can perform administrative tasks on the server itself or remotely -- there is very little difference. Server Software ; Other; download Novell Netware 6.5 With SP4. Remote management is run from a browser on the server or from a workstation. The same access is provided to the server either way. Likewise, ConsoleOne can be run from either the server or a workstation. Results of our testing found Web server performance was similar to Linux (Apache) and Windows (IIS), and performance was better on file access and printing. In addition, configuring the server applications was very easy with GUI utilities to configure Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, and the other server applications. Linux vendors would do well to license the administrative utilities, as they make configuring the server applications much easier.