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OEM NCH Fling File Transfer 2.2 Plus : Buy & Download

NCH Fling File Transfer 2.2 Plus
Manufacturer: Other
Category: System tools
Retail price: $39.95
Our Price: $19.95
Fling FTP Software is a powerful ftp program that sets itself apart from other ftp clients by seamlessly integrating with your local Windows explorer. System tools ; Other; download NCH Fling File Transfer 2.2 Plus.

Fling avoids the chore of navigating complicated software interfaces and instead utilizes Windows file explorer. It runs behind the scenes and allows you to automatically upload or transfer files from anywhere on your PC. Simply right click on the file you want to upload and select "Fling Upload".

Super Fast and Automatic FTP Uploading
Because Fling does not rely on its own interface for uploading but instead allows you to upload directly via your Windows explorer, uploading time is incredibly fast.

Fling is typically used to maintain an online web site or to automate backup of folders. The software supports both file transfer protocol (ftp) and network file transfer. Uploads can be automatic (upload as soon as the files are changed), at a preset interval (eg. every hour) or manually.     

Support Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7