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OEM Macro Mania 13.2 : Buy & Download

Macro Mania 13.2
Manufacturer: Other
Category: other
Retail price: $49.95
Our Price: $19.95
Create time-saving macros to automate your computer chores - fast and easy Macro Mania - a Power Users Dream! This highly acclaimed utility will launch new (or detect and switch to currently running) Windows programs, then send any keystroke to that program -- fast and easy! Macro Mania eliminates all the tedious computer tasks and redundant typing chores that can be done much faster and easier with macros. other ; Other; download Macro Mania 13.2. Macro Mania can launch new or activate an already running program; send keystrokes to any Windows programs; transfer information between programs; read, write, copy, move, delete and rename files and folders; interact with the windows clipboard, and much more. Macro Mania is a software that can create macros and launch programs. All of these tasks, and many more, can be done with macros -- which means they can be performed very quickly and with absolute minimal effort from the computer user. Macro Mania even has a built in scheduler so you can run macros unattended. A friendly interface will help you quickly become a Macro Maniac. other ; Other; download Macro Mania 13.2. The program installs with a polished Windows Help System and examples. LAUNCH PROGRAMS AND SEND KEYSTROKES OR MOUSE COMMANDS A whole host of tasks can be automated with that very powerful concept alone!!! In essence, you can create macros that act as if someone is sitting at the computer and performing all the tasks manually (and because the computer is doing the work, it is all done much faster than would otherwise be humanly possible). Support Windows all