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OEM Lotus Concept Valve Train 2.0 : Buy & Download

Lotus Concept Valve Train 2.0
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Operation systems
Retail price: $39.95
Our Price: $29.95
Lotus Concept Valve Train is a user-friendly approach to cam design. Operation systems ; Other; download Lotus Concept Valve Train 2.0. Fully populated model templates provide ‘one-click’ model creation. The use of this tool can be extended through direct connections to other Lotus Engineering products (for coupled simulation) and by a range of supported file export options. CAM PROFILE DESIGN Cam profile design is performed by manipulating the profile lift or derivative curves. The resulting analysis summary is interactively updated as the curves are changed for immediate feedback. Alternative methods of profile design are available, including segmented polynomials and piecewise Bezier curves. PROFILE DATA IMPORT A range of data import filters are provided. Data imported in this way can be smoothed, filtered and fitted. MECHANISM DATA Mechanism geometry is displayed through a scaled graphical display allowing the user to interactively change centres, radii, angles and lengths. The mechanism display also is used to animate the mechanism and display the calculated forces.