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OEM LightMachine 1.0 Standalone : Buy & Download

LightMachine 1.0 Standalone
Manufacturer: Other
Category: other
Retail price: $59.95
Our Price: $29.95
LightMachine offers plenty of features for improving a much wider range of photos with better results. other ; Other; download LightMachine 1.0 Standalone. Other available software often only give acceptable results for the common cases, but can't cope with more difficult cases. These shadow/highlight tools usually produce contrast-burned or over-saturated results which cause an unnatural look. Unlike LightMachine, they don't let you adjust shadows and highlights really independently, add artifacts along the shadow/highlight borders or don't brighten shadows or darken highlights enough to make details clearly visible.

Shadow/highlight, virtual lighting and color-based photo enhancement tools
Corrects brightness, contrast, color and saturation in shadows and highlights independently of each other
Place shadow/light spots similar to a real photo studio in Virtual Studio mode
Achieve special effects like glows, sunsets, high key and selective b/w effects, replace one color with another and simulate polarizing filters
Allows batch processing of image files
Processes 8bit and 16bit RGB images