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OEM Langenscheidt In Mind Pro 5.0 German : Buy & Download

Langenscheidt In Mind Pro 5.0 German
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Category: other
Retail price: $79.95
Our Price: $29.95
Langenscheidt in mind - This new interactive learning system. other ; Other; download Langenscheidt In Mind Pro 5.0 German.
Independent and efficient learning with a system - whether vocabulary, historical dates, chemical elements or specialized terminology: Langenscheidt gives full support in mind. takes on the basis of proven learning principles in mind, the optimal Lernorgansiation the learning and anchored securely and permanently in the long-term memory.

Langenscheidt in mind as well give it to Langenscheidt in mind the basic version.
In addition, there are a variety of optional learning content.

With the learning system in mind can Langenscheidt learners build their own learning content to individual needs and ideas. Whether for the exam, with a solid day's work or at fixed time intervals - as are the individual needs of learners always in mind the perfect learning environment provides for long-term success.
Double learning efficiency by effectively combining learning principles: the principle ensures Flashcards at each meeting the learning outcome. Each learning information is asked to per session in increasing intervals several times, which causes a significant improvement in the Behaltensleistung. Following the principle of learning content interval is then activated again in several time-consecutive study sessions. Results: An optimal Behaltensrate and sustaining of learning in the long-term memory.

The system is open to individual learning content of all kinds: One can Entering their own content and archive them to learn successfully, or purchase premium certified learning content with settings by Langenscheidt and its partner publishers via download. The integration of content into the learning environment is child in mind. other ; Other; download Langenscheidt In Mind Pro 5.0 German.