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OEM KPT 6 Full (Great Photoshop Plugins) CS2 : Buy & Download

KPT 6 Full (Great Photoshop Plugins) CS2
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Software plugins
Retail price: $129.95
Our Price: $59.95
A completely new range of plug-in filters that maintains the series reputation for creativity while moving more into the practical mainstream. Software plugins ; Other; download KPT 6 Full (Great Photoshop Plugins) CS2. One of the main reasons for the phenomenal success of Photoshop is its extensibility through plug-in filters which means, if the host program doesnt offer a particular feature, youll probably find a third-party solution. The advantages are such that nowadays every serious bitmap editor and even many drawing, DTP, 3D and video packages now support the standard. As a result the number of Photoshop filters has exploded but the first set of plug-ins to capture users imaginations, Kais Power Tools (KPT), remains the most famous and the most popular. In fact at one time it seemed almost compulsory for users with design pretensions to have a copy and many seemed to operate Photoshop just as a shell in order to access KPT. The advanced creativity of the KPT filters, such as the texture and fractal engines, was undeniably amazing but Ive never counted myself as a real fan. My objection was that the filters seemed to revel in obscurity both in terms of usability and end results. The nadir was KPT 3s much-hyped spheroid designer where the interface was deliberately made to resemble a bunch of balls dropped into a pile of mud and the end results were pretty similar! Since then, however, MetaCreations has steered the program in the right direction at least in terms of usability with KPT 5s introduction of a shared interface built on a central preview panel surrounded by floating parameters panels. Thankfully, KPT 6 has kept this same look-and-feel for the majority of the new filters that it provides. Even more welcome is the fact that most of the filters also have a much clearer and much more practical use than was the case in the past. A good example of this is the LensFlare filter which is used to produce realistic glows, halos and flashes simulating the reflections of a bright light on a camera lens. This is now a common effect used to give a dynamic edge to a photo taken into the sun. Some photo editors, such as PhotoImpact, now offer their own implementation, but none offers the same level of control, with dedicated panels for precisely managing the type of glow, halo, streaks and reflection. In fact the sheer number of options in KPT 6 can be a problem as it makes it difficult to quickly set up the effect you want. Software plugins ; Other; download KPT 6 Full (Great Photoshop Plugins) CS2. In most cases though you can work around this by choosing an effect from the library of presets and then interactively positioning the flare in the preview. Another regularly useful and relatively simple filter that you couldnt imagine in previous KPT collections is KPT Projector. This takes your current image or selection and offers a number of interactive perspective warp effects. To a large extent, with its draggable distortion handles and its moving, scaling and rotating options, this simply duplicates Photoshops Free Transform capabilities. Whats completely different is the ability to rotate your image in 3D space and to tile the results if desired. You can also animate your distortions by dragging keyframes from the preview window into an animation palette. KPT 6 will then preview the animation and output it to various sizes in avi or mov format. This animation capability is even more useful with the KPT Turbulence filter. This is another distortion filter, but one that treats your image as if it was completely liquid. Click anywhere on the preview panel and ripples spread out in real time, click and drag and you produce a realistic wake with the waves and troughs interfering with each other! The moving effect onscreen is extraordinary but stop the effect to save it as a single snapshot image and the result is much less impressive and often just a mess. By saving the sequence to mov or avi, however, you can produce some amazing video special effects. To produce a single frame freeform liquid distortion you can instead use the Goo filter. Many users will be familiar with this from the standalone version aimed at the consumer market. Software plugins ; Other; download KPT 6 Full (Great Photoshop Plugins) CS2. It works by effectively turning your image into a liquid that can be interactively smeared, smudged, twirled and pinched with the range of tools on offer. The obvious use is to distort photographic portraits into caricatures. Both the process and the end results are a lot of fun and again you can drag and drop keyframes to produce a short animated sequence.