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OEM KlangLabs StompBud Collection VSTi 1.15 : Buy & Download

KlangLabs StompBud Collection VSTi 1.15
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Multimedia and Entertainment
Retail price: $29.95
Our Price: $14.95
A collection of nine Body Sounds that plays random samples on every note input, useful to make clapping sounds, applauses and other effects. Multimedia and Entertainment ; Other; download KlangLabs StompBud Collection VSTi 1.15. Play single notes to make spanish-like clappings and play several notes to create dance/funk clap clusters that doesnt sound like they were sampled, play with more than one instance and youll end with a big crowd Specs: One bank set of 128 sounds per section, they are: Section A: Mixed Claps - Soft Claps - Hard Claps Section B: Flat Claps - Fat Claps - Finger Snaps Section C: Chest hits - Pants (no women underwear, think as baggypants) - Shoes (Skate shoes). St/Sp (stereo separation): set the ammount of random data sent to Pan. Pan = Adjusts overall panning. Volume = Adjusts the overall volume. Bounce = Toggles pan from left to right in sync with the host sequencer. Bounce Speed = Adjust the bounce speed BPM subdivision.