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OEM KeepITEasy Flowol 2.9 : Buy & Download

KeepITEasy Flowol 2.9
Manufacturer: Other
Category: other
Retail price: $59.95
Our Price: $29.95
The control commands in Flowol are created with flowcharts. other ; Other; download KeepITEasy Flowol 2.9. Flowol 2 When a flowchart symbol is selected from the toolbar and placed on the main screen, a prompt box appears, which only allows appropriate instructions to be chosen for that symbol. The lines are drawn by clicking from one symbol to the next. Labels can be added to explain the purpose of each part of the flowchart. Symbols, lines and labels can all be moved, edited or erased. Flowol 2 can run up to 20 flowcharts simultaneously, each controlling a different event. The diagram shows four of these. A beginner may draw one flowchart to turn the security floodlight on when it is dark and off again when it is daylight. Another flowchart could control an on/off sequence for the inside house lights after dark, and yet another to set and detect the alarm system. This progression of flowcharts provides the differentiation needed for each pupil.