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OEM JF7 Customer Management System 5.1 : Buy & Download

JF7 Customer Management System 5.1
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Business
Retail price: $49.95
Our Price: $19.95
JF7 Jafra Software - Tracks Customers - Prints Orders - Produces Reports - Order History Search - Assists with Purchase Order - Brochure Distribution Report - Customer Labels. Business ; Other; download JF7 Customer Management System 5.1. Stores customer demographic information. (Name, Address, Phone numbers, Comments) Easy customer order entry with automatic fill of description / shade / size / amount based on catalog number. Keeps customer prior order history by campaign and year. View order history by customer. Search entire order history to find who has ordered a particular product. View cycle summary by customer. Adds entries to the product file as items are entered on an order.