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OEM JetDraft Document Suite 2008 1.5 : Buy & Download

JetDraft Document Suite 2008 1.5
Manufacturer: Other
Category: other
Retail price: $69.95
Our Price: $29.95
Educational and knowledge management software Document Suite 2008 - Create Online Help, Quiz and SCORM Training Materials Youve got an eye for authoring training materials and instructional guides. other ; Other; download JetDraft Document Suite 2008 1.5. The only thing is, youre a writer, not a programmer, and you dont really feel like passing out photocopied quizzes like a 3rd grade schoolteacher.You also dont want to be the company librarian, checking in and out hardcopy help manuals. You want an effective, online implementation of your training materials, quizzes, e-books, and help documentation - without having to go to night classes to learn a programming language.What you really want is JetDraft Document Suite 2008. It takes your documents and organizes them into online content that can be distributed on the web or over a company intranet.Document Suite 2008 helps you to turn your documents into online help via a number of formats - CHM, HTML, RTF, and XML. Next, Document Suite 2008 uses these formatted files as input to craft an easily navigated online document. For quizzes and training materials, Document Suite 2008 helps you organize your questions and answers, then builds an online module thats ready for distribution.You can customize the look and feel of the help files that are produced by Document Suite 2008, with full control over the presentation of buttons, icons, frames, and themes. Document Suite 2008 contains a built-in FTP client, empowering you to connect directly to your web server, work with help topics, and maintain file synchronization from within the app. other ; Other; download JetDraft Document Suite 2008 1.5.Document Suite 2008 is there for you at the beginning, middle, and end of your project. When your project is ready to publish, Document Suite 2008 creates a standalone installation executable targeted to the Windows operating system of your choice. Written by Derek LeeDocument Suite 2008 lets you: * Create help and training modules in CHM, HTML, and XML formats using your own source documents.