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OEM JenaSoft DatAdmin Ultimate 5.2 : Buy & Download

JenaSoft DatAdmin Ultimate 5.2
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Office tools
Retail price: $59.95
Our Price: $29.95
DatAdmin can be a database administration tool allowing dealing with MySQL, MS SQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, EffiProz and MS Access databases. Office tools ; Other; download JenaSoft DatAdmin Ultimate 5.2. Its design is primarily focused on easy usage and due to the modularity and suppleness of the tool, it might be from functionality standpoint compared to single-database focused programs. Eventhough it contains many oridinal advanced features, it is very convenient to use, for beginners.

Hook up with database
Connect using ADO.NET native drivers. Distributed with native ADO.NET drivers for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, EffiProz.
Native drivers for MS SQL are distributed with .NET.
Function Driver manager, that permits using other ADO. Office tools ; Other; download JenaSoft DatAdmin Ultimate 5.2.NET drivers
Connection over generic database interfaces OLE DB and ODBC
Function PHP tunnel, that permits link to MySQL databaases on webhosts server, which dosn't offer direct access to database server
Creating new file base databases (SQLite, Access, EffiProz)

Database management
Creating and editing tables (CREATE, ALTER TABLE), database specific table properties (MySQL engine, collation)
Comfortable foreign key management, UPDATE/DELETE rules
CHECK, UNIQUE constraints, indexes
Database object management - triggers, functions, stored procedures, views, schemata
Generating SQL scripts a variety of object types - CREATE, DROP
MySQL objects: triggers, functions, stored procedures, views, events
MS SQL objects: triggers, functions, stored procedures, views
SQLite objects: triggers, views
Table of supported database objects each database platform

View and edit data
Viewing and editing data in table
Quick fulltext search
Filtering rows - fulltext search or SQL conditions
Sorting rows by hitting column header, sorting by more columns
Lookups (preview of destination foreign key row), selecting rows from validation tables
Automatic master/detail views produced from foreign keys
Forward/Back function for browsing master/detail views history

Backup, export, import
Backup database as "Data archive" - ZIP file - platform and database independent backup
Capacity to use native backup tools (mysqldump, pg_dump)
Restore from backup, restore whole database or selected tables (selecting tables may be possible only once using data archive as backup format)
Export of table data to formats CSV, TXT, HTML, XML, SQL, Excel
Import of table from formats CSV, XML
Export database structure into formats HTML, WIKI
Copy database/table to a different server using drag & drop
Transform table data when copying or exporting table. Columns is usually reordered, column value is usually fixed or transformated using Python.
Transformation is usually saved and later reused.
Any data operation is usually saved as job and executed later, also from command line
Scheduling using Windows Scheduler Service (applicable to any kind of business)

Database design
Editing of database model. Model is usually generic or database specific
Meaning of tables, keys, constraints
Meaning of all object types in database model
Database diagrams, trapped in connection (locally possibly database)
Comparing & synchronize structure of model, real database or data archive (database backup)
Migration of model to various dialect
Generating CREATE/DROP scripts in every of supported dialect
Reverse engineering - loading model from existing database

Query designer
Drag & drop tables and joins
Support for left, right, inner and outer join
Quick adding referenced table (only by hitting referencing column)
Condition builder with handy conditions in some way backed up by SQL (column contains text?, column contains considered one of string?). You possibly can build complex
conditions with AND or operators within the some as trivial conditions
Saving and loading designed scripts, generating SQL from designed query

Query editor
SQL Editor with syntax highlighting
Advanced search & replace
Scripts folder - it's not necessary to thing about the spot where you have your scripts
Saving query context with query (server, database)
Viewing more resultsets from one query
Query variables, if you are using it, you are required before every query execute
History of executed queries

Database versioning
Database versioning is very dificult issue, which has to be solved in just about every software-development companies. Goal would be to maintain synchronization between database structure Day spa san francisco ways, the best way to achieve do that, but generally it belongs is just one of following category:
one database shared between all developers
each developer has his own database

The primary strategy is simplier, but you will find lot of issues with synchronization of developers, while moving database to production environment. Better strategy is to help keep scripts for updating database, which may each developer operated with it's our instance. DatAdmin offers powerful tool, which can help because of this task. Office tools ; Other; download JenaSoft DatAdmin Ultimate 5.2.

It can:
maintain versioned database model (table and object definitions, table static data)
generate upgrade and downgrade scripts
generate C# class, which creates and upgrades database (it uses version onformation trapped in database)

We take advantage of this database versioning in the company for a lot of databases (the main (on MS SQL) have over 100 versions and about 90 tables, several views, stored procedures and functions).

Data synchronization
Data synchronization feature work extremely well, whenever we have primary and secondary data bank (eg. table), that would retain the same data. Data synronization automatically updates target table so it offers the same data as source table.

Synchronization job can contain more tables, order of tables is usually explicitly defined. Also there is posibility to change off foreign key checking (this is certainly neccessary if you will find circular references using foreign keys in tables).

Synchronization source is usually:

Synchronization target has to be table. Both source and target can have defined WHERE condition (restiction) as well as columns plagued by synchronization is usually defined (projection).

The ins and outs
DatAdmin synchronization will work, with optimalization of used bandwidth. Office tools ; Other; download JenaSoft DatAdmin Ultimate 5.2. For compare data, MD5 hashes are used. Update phase generates UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE commands on target table (it is possible to disable any one this command, than synchronization can eg. only add new records (if UPDATE and DELETE are disabled)). If difference in row is detected, whole row, except synchronization key, is updated.

Synchronization key
Synchronization secret is mixture of columns, currently in use for identifying and pairing columns in source and target table. This key ought to be unique on row set after applying WHERE condition. If synchronizing whole tables (without WHERE restriction), the simplest way is by using primary key.

When synchronization key more advanced than primary secret is useful? Eg. whenever we have table with autoincrement column as primary key, and different column is present in table, we will set this phenomenal column as syncrhonization key. Office tools ; Other; download JenaSoft DatAdmin Ultimate 5.2. (Autoincrement primary key has to be of course excluded from synchronization).

Synchronization between different dabase engines
Synchronization between different database engines is likewise possible, but there are several restrictions:
there can be with comparing some columns types (mainly UNICODE strings), you should disable these columns for comparing
correctly handled are numbers, time and date, varchar with "small" length. It is best to make use of only these columns for comparing (eg. you can help yourself with the help of columns like ModifiedAt, if this column takes a different approach, whole row is updated)

SQL Code completion - release 5.2.6
We're also willing to introduce version 5.2.6 coming with very expected feature - code completion. Code completion is supported only in Professional edition. Office tools ; Other; download JenaSoft DatAdmin Ultimate 5.2. Also there is handy feature "Insert SQL join", which inserts joining SQL code generated from info on foreign keys.

Support Windows all