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OEM Intuit Quicken Home And Business 2009.R2 Canadian Edition : Buy & Download

Intuit Quicken Home And Business 2009.R2 Canadian Edition
Manufacturer: Intuit
Category: other
Retail price: $199.95
Our Price: $39.95
Personal and business finances: Easily see your total financial picture including both your personal and business finances. other ; Intuit; download Intuit Quicken Home And Business 2009.R2 Canadian Edition. You can manage them together or separately, and view them as you wish. Because Quicken Home & Business tracks both your personal and business finances, its easy to track business expenses you paid for with a personal account including office supplies on a personal credit card or dinner out with a client you paid for with personal cash. See how your business is doing: The redesigned Business Center gives you an overall snapshot of whats coming in for the month, whats going out and whats left in your personal and business accounts. Track and categorize expenses: Quicken helps you identify transactions you enter as business or personal, income or expenses with a single click. Avoid having to enter the same data twice. Quicken remembers the first time you enter a business transaction then applies the same information to similar entries in the future. View all your finances in one place: Bring your personal and business accountsbanks, 401(k) or other IRA, online brokeragestogether in one place. Avoid the hassle of going to multiple web sites and trying to remember multiple passwords. With Quicken you can you can see it all in one place with just one password. Maximize deductions, minimize taxes: Quicken Home & Business makes it easier than ever to categorize deductions. Whats more, the business tax deduction summary lets you instantly see your tax deduction status throughout the year to help maximize your deductions and help avoid any April 15th surprises. Easily import data to Turbo Tax (not included). Pay bills on time: See a monthly calendar of your paychecks, bills and expenses to help you schedule bills, set reminders and most importantly help avoid late fees. Easily pay personal or business bills right from within Quicken with Quicken Bill Pay or a third-party bill pay service.