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OEM IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys 4.0 x64 : Buy & Download

IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys 4.0 x64
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Business
Retail price: $129.95
Our Price: $79.95
IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys 4. Business ; Other; download IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys 4.0 x64.0 x32 greater value from survey text. Transform unstructured survey data into quantitative data and discover insights using sentiment analysis.
IBM® SPSS® Text Analytics for Surveys uses powerful natural language processing (NLP) technologies specifically designed for survey text. It leads the way in unlocking open-ended responses for better insight and statistical analysis.
Business users gain insight into people's thoughts, attitudes and opinions – and can better meet their needs.
Survey analysts can automate the categorization process, providing greater value to business users and survey research clients without the drudgery, time and expense associated with manual coding.
IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys uses proven linguistics-based technologies that cut through the ambiguities of human language – helping you uncover patterns in the attitudes, beliefs and opinions of others. The software is available to analyze text in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Japanese.
New! Enhance your productivity and category insight using hierarchical category structures (categories that contain subcategories)
The English-language version includes an interface allowing you to analyze text that has been translated into English from numerous additional languages--including Russian, Arabic, Chinese and others – through SDL translation software. SDL offers both direct purchase of the software or its use through a Software-as-a-Service model.
New! Like the other language versions, the Japanese version now offers 64-bit operating system support to enhance your productivity with large data files. 

Support Windows XP/ 2K / Vista / 7