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OEM Hoffmann Lotto-Experte La Primitiva Espania 1.0 Multilanguage : Buy & Download

Hoffmann Lotto-Experte La Primitiva Espania 1.0 Multilanguage
Manufacturer: Other
Category: other
Retail price: $129.95
Our Price: $69.95
Expert Lotto is an application for lottery players from around the world. other ; Other; download Hoffmann Lotto-Experte La Primitiva Espania 1.0 Multilanguage. With Expert Lotto you can track and analyze historical winning numbers, generate new numbers, apply numerous filters and statistics to generated numbers, automatically predict future winning numbers, print to playslips and much more. 
How is it possible to optimize the lottery tips? On the basis of probabilities. How likely is it that six of the last week and the six this week is? Did you know that in 2 of 3 drawings pairs (the numbers next to each other) will be drawn? The sum of digits most of the tips is 120 to 190 (can be 21-279)? The program included the lottery numbers of draws since 1955 (bzw.1986 or 1970). The balls have no memory, however, taken under the same conditions, must always come out a uniform distribution of the frequency of drawn lottery numbers. (You) can try out with a cube. If, however, taken under the same condition, and some lottery numbers are drawn more often, then something is wrong with the system, which would make even better use of course for profit. You can even select the date from which you want to use the statistical values. (Date in the chart view will decide) The parameter x max equal numbers per tip that will ensure the highest possible number of combinations which, for instance can lead to a 3 Series. Do you want more on a high return Tap, then choose x greater, making the possibility of several 3 or 4 … is given. Tips 1-12 are generated based on parameters you set on the random number generator. To start the random number you can use your lucky number. Since there are parameters set yet, despite the millions of combinations of tip, there is no danger that the user of lottery professionals all have the same tip and make a bad risk, therefore rate. The Lotto-print expert for the course is also suitable for the only time his lottery ticket easily evaluate online issue (in D), or the semblance wants.
This program can not predict lottery numbers, of course, it only tries by optimizing the number of tips to increase the chances. other ; Other; download Hoffmann Lotto-Experte La Primitiva Espania 1.0 Multilanguage. Lotto is and remains a gamble.
  •  By clicking on the globe show the numbers of draws and your tip is evaluated.
  •  Many analysis capabilities help you find the optimum Row!
  •  There are several outstanding evaluation: Checksums outstanding, and drawn super numbers drawn and outstanding figures, tip distribution, numbers which have formed two, three and four-groups Super6 and Spiel77 and drawn figures for each position and complete 

Support Windows XP/ 2K / Vista / 7