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OEM Graphicxtras Andrew Plugins Collection 1.08 for Adobe Photoshop CS2 : Buy & Download

Graphicxtras Andrew Plugins Collection 1.08 for Adobe Photoshop CS2
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Software plugins
Retail price: $49.95
Our Price: $14.95
Andrews Plugins Special Deal Collection PC Version, plugins for Photoshop and PSP and others. Software plugins ; Other; download Graphicxtras Andrew Plugins Collection 1.08 for Adobe Photoshop CS2. Volume 1 2 3 ... 19. packed with literally zillions and zillions of superb effects - from color effects,emboss effects, gradients, edge / sketch effects, motion effects, tiling and many more. Andrews Plugins Special Deal (Updated August 2005) -- 188 PC plugins in one special priced bundle - a massive saving on all our plugins sets combined -- Plugins sets Andrews Plugins vol 1, 2, 3, 4, ... 19 all in one deal - Millions of superpb effects / useful tools in a single package The plugin collection Includes the following: Andrews Plugins Vol 1 - Innovations / mixed plugins Andrews Plugins Vol 2 - Distortion and blur and wave plugins Andrews Plugins Vol 3 - Photographic / photo effect plugins Andrews Plugins Vol 4 - 20 blur effects plugins / line / dots ... Andrews Plugins Vol 5 - Noise and paint plugins Andrews Plugins Vol 6 - Color threshold / grain / paint effects Andrews Plugins Vol 7 - 1000s and 1000s of colorful gradients patterns Andrews Plugins Vol 8 - Gradients / smears Andrews Plugins Vol 9 - Blurs / smears plugins / image echoes Andrews Plugins Vol 10 - Mixed color plugins Andrews Plugins Vol 11 - Color plugins / gradient plugins Andrews Plugins Vol 12 - Gradient plugins - 1000s of effects Andrews Plugins Vol 13 - Distortion blur utility plugins and more Andrews Plugins Vol 14 - Motion plugins / video repeats Andrews Plugins Vol 15 - Color effects Andrews Plugins Vol 16 - Power blend / amazing distortion effects Andrews Plugins Vol 17 - Edge and sketch plugins Andrews Plugins Vol 18 - Billions of gradient color combinations Andrews Plugins Vol 19 - Weird and wonderful surreal paint plugin Additional Information -- Each of the plugins comes with 77 output modes such as tiling / color wrap / posterization and more + many have additional effects modes - so literally zillions of plugins in one special deal. -- 188 plugins have been included in the special bundle -- The plugins work in Photoshop CS2 CS1 6 7 Painter Paint Shop Pro PhotoImpact Photo-Paint Canvas and many many other applications -- The plugins set includes millions of effects, here is a very brief list of all the plugins included: line plugins, emboss plugins, ring effect plugins, color plugins, negative plugins, edge and sketch plugins, drawing plugins, abstract plugins, gradient plugins, pattern magic plugins, sketch plugins, ring splatter plugin, color gradient plugin, surreal paint plugins, color gradient plugins, blur plugins, smear plugins, distortion plugins, twirl plugin, warp plugins and many many more -- This is a plugin set direct from the developer of the plugins (such as previous series as the Andrews filters 1000 series / plugin magic / innovations and more) -- The plugins can be used in many color modes such as RGB CMYK LAB 16 bit 8bit and more -- The plugins all come with a preset feature / large preview as well as many tutorials and presets and much more -- An amazing set of superb effects -- Photoshop is registered trademark of Adobe -- Plugins collection also include many additional items such as how tos / frames / displacement maps / patterns / textures / documentation / presets / shapes. Software plugins ; Other; download Graphicxtras Andrew Plugins Collection 1.08 for Adobe Photoshop CS2...