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OEM Gesundheits-Master 2.3 German : Buy & Download

Gesundheits-Master 2.3 German
Manufacturer: Other
Category: other
Retail price: $49.95
Our Price: $19.95
Health Master will cover everything related to your health and manage. other ; Other; download Gesundheits-Master 2.3 German.
It covers all doctor visits and diagnostic and laboratory results, findings, drugs, whether the medication was helpful or whether there were side effects, referrals to specialists, cost of doctor and medication.
You can also collect and analyze your home blood pressure, diabetes or body weight control.
Also, your co-payments for doctor and pharmacy are registered and verified according to health reform, whether their personalities load limit was reached or exceeded.
Comprehensive review of all data on the screen and printer, in tables, charts and calculations.
Extensive search routines to help you search for doctors, medicines, findings, etc..
Scheduling with a reminder of current medical appointments completes the whole.
You will always know in the future when you were with which doctor, which was diagnosed, what medications were prescribed, whether these drugs were helpful or if you experienced undesirable side effects, when and in what dosage they were administered.