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OEM Geometric GeomCaliper for CATIA 5.R2 : Buy & Download

Geometric GeomCaliper for CATIA 5.R2
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Multimedia and Entertainment
Retail price: $349.95
Our Price: $49.95
GeomCaliper is an innovative tool for measuring and checking the wall thickness of CATIA V5 3D models. Multimedia and Entertainment ; Other; download Geometric GeomCaliper for CATIA 5.R2. It is easy to use and can be accessed within a CATIA V5 session, providing immediate feedback to designers during the design process itself. Among other applications, it will help engineers to quickly detect thin areas in plastic molded components that may result into warps, or thick sections in castings that may result in hot spots. Minimal training is required to use the tool and interpret the generated results. Support Windows 2000/XP