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OEM GaCaS SoftChronizer 1.5 German : Buy & Download

GaCaS SoftChronizer 1.5 German
Manufacturer: Other
Category: other
Retail price: $49.95
Our Price: $29.95
SoftChronizer is a very easy-to-use duplicate file search utility for many types of files, that was not exclusively designed to keep your PDF file collection, MP3 file collection, or your collection of pictures in order, but in fact does just that!

SoftChronizer can reliably search for any kind of duplicate file in as many directories as you have stated. other ; Other; download GaCaS SoftChronizer 1.5 German. The program uses either the highly accurate "Byte-by-Byte" search, or the very fast "Fuzzy-Logic" search option, which uses, among other features, -- for the first time in a duplicate file search program, -- the sophisticated and configurable "Levenshtein-Distance" algorithm (Vladimir Iossifowitsch Lewenstein, Russian mathematician, 1965) to detect duplicate filenames. - SoftChronizer allows you to search for thousands of file-type combinations that you can compose by yourself as "Quick Start Buttons" and add them to the main window. Pre-defined buttons for PDF files, MP3 files and the most common image files, and for a complete file-search for all file-types are already available.

By default, the slightly slower but more accurate "[x] Byte-by-Byte" search option is activated in SoftChronizer when you start the program. - Once you remove the check mark to the byte-by-byte search, you can also use all other options (eg. "Fuzzy-Logic"). - This we did, because we think that you should first conduct a detailed search of the same size files, before blurry looking for similar names and/or different file sizes, such as allowing the "Fuzzy-Logic" options. other ; Other; download GaCaS SoftChronizer 1.5 German. - This approach may be the easier way to handle the probably very wide range of duplicates that is found: there only will remain not 100% matching files, that require your manual selection!

SoftChronizer supports the display of MP3 ID3 tags (displays the bit rate, i.e. a statement about the quality of the music, as well as the duration of a track in minutes and track- & album name of a song), as well as displaying the image-sizes in pixels and the color-depth of all images! - So if you see several duplicates, you quickly can decide what picture, or which MP3 file you want to keep, or not. - The selected files then either can be permanently deleted "in a swing", moved into the Windows* Recycle Bin, or moved to the previously specified directory.