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OEM G-Sonique Pultronic EQ-110P VST 1.0 : Buy & Download

G-Sonique Pultronic EQ-110P VST 1.0
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Music Software
Retail price: $49.95
Our Price: $14.95
It is an emulation of the classic professional parametric vacuum tube equalizer from 50s and 60s. Music Software ; Other; download G-Sonique Pultronic EQ-110P VST 1.0. We programmed the Pultronic EQ-110P equalizer in the way that it can add real and hearable warm, color and dynamics of the vacuum tube devices into your music. Many frequency and amplitude analysis of input and output impulses from real vintage vacuum tubes were used during the development. These impulses were recorded via the real vintage devices which allowed us to achieve the excellent and realistic results. Thanks to this process you can choose from several algorithms which emulate the various vacuum tubes in order to achieve the wide spectrum of the music colors. We put our rich experience with analog electronic devices into the development of this product so the virtual schema of the Pultronic is very similar to the real circuits of the electronic equalizers