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OEM FileMaker Server Advanced 11.0 : Buy & Download

FileMaker Server Advanced 11.0
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Server Software
Retail price: $2995.95
Our Price: $399.95
aximize your database sharing capabilities
FileMaker Server 11 Advanced includes all the features in FileMaker Server 11 plus more sharing and connectivity options. Server Software ; Other; download FileMaker Server Advanced 11.0. Add FileMaker Server 11 Advanced to FileMaker Pro and maximize your database sharing capabilities (separate purchase of FileMaker Pro required).
NEW! FileMaker Server 11 Advanced technology does not limit the number of FileMaker Pro clients. Technical limits are imposed only by your hardware and operating system. Manage any size group of FileMaker Pro users with greater security and network performance.

Administrator Groups

  NEW! Create Administrator Groups and assign specific administrative tasks while retaining exclusive control of your server and maintaining a high level of security. Plus save and load these group settings when migrating to new hardware.

Instant Web Publishing

  Instant Web Publishing in FileMaker Server 11 Advanced supports up to 100 simultaneous web connections – 20x more than in FileMaker Pro alone.


  ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) and JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) support makes it possible to read from and write to FileMaker Pro databases hosted by FileMaker Server 11 Advanced with many external programs and development tools. Get up to 50 simultaneous ODBC/JDBC remote connections. 

Support Windows XP/ 2K / Vista / 7