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OEM FabFilter Timeless 1.00 VST : Buy & Download

FabFilter Timeless 1.00 VST
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Music Software
Retail price: $149.95
Our Price: $59.95
Ultimate sound-manglingFabFilter Timeless is not only a perfectly modelled classic tape delay. Music Software ; Other; download FabFilter Timeless 1.00 VST. Its unique high quality filters and many creative options turn it into the ultimate sound-mangling machine! Create echo, chorus, flanger, phaser, scratch effects and much more. High quality filtering and feedbackThe delay signal is fed to two high-quality multimode filters, and then routed back to the delays with adjustable feedback and cross-feedback knobs. Per-channel phase inversion is provided to create jaw-dropping flanger and phasing effects. Easy drag-and-drop modulationAdding modulation is easy with the drag-and-drop modulation matrix. Simply drag the source button for a modulation source to the knob that you want to modulate. Almost all parameters can be modulated; modulation slots can even modulate each other!