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OEM EVVASoft TimeBell 4.0 : Buy & Download

EVVASoft TimeBell 4.0
Manufacturer: Other
Category: other
Retail price: $59.95
Our Price: $29.95
TimeBell will help you easily manage and customize your activities by setting up important objectives reminders. other ; Other; download EVVASoft TimeBell 4.0.

TimeBell is designed with three important objectives:
· provide you a user-friendly interface
· be simple and easy to operate
· provide multiple useful features, but not an overload

TimeBell settings include the ability to:
· run TimeBell automatically when windows starts
· minimize TimeBell to the system tray (near the clock)
· open a window showing you a list of reminders for the day
· view at any time a list of reminders for today
· display on your desktop a separate monthly calendar, with selectable transparency
· show a message box of missed one-time reminders
· change the appearance, with a choice of skins, colors and fonts
· have the program tell you time every hour with a pleasant female voice
· when run text reminders, animated icon in system trey
· you can export data file program TimeBell for transfer on another PC (specify a directory to save the file "Information")
· import data file program TimeBell with another PC on your PC (specify the directory location of the file "Information")

Key Features:
· create an unlimited number of reminders
· insert a warning beep
· shut off, restart, standby, logoff or hibernate your PC at a time you select
· run a selected program, open a selected file or open a selected web site at a time you select
· run tasks one time, or on a recurring basis (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly

. other ; Other; download EVVASoft TimeBell 4.0