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OEM Eovia Amapi Pro 7.5 : Buy & Download

Eovia Amapi Pro 7.5
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Graphics and Design
Retail price: $149.95
Our Price: $24.95
Amapi Pro 7. Graphics and Design ; Other; download Eovia Amapi Pro 7.5.5 offers a unique environment for the conception and creation of high-end 3D models for use by product designers, architects and advanced 3D modelers. Amapi Pro 7.5 is a flexible and fast 3D modeler, with a user interface recognized as being the most creative in the industry, unequaled in its efficiency at drawing in the 3D space. Filled with high-end NURBS modeling features, Amapi Pro 7.5 lets you create and edit complex surfaces and volumes and offers a rich tool palette to conceive and invent detailed conceptual designs. Amapi Pro 7.5 communicates on all levels with engineering departments and manufacturing production tools, and is a perfectly integrated component of the design process. The Creative 3D Drafting Tool Amapi Pros unique creative interface and intuitive approach to 3D modeling offers to the creative designer the perfect tool to transform their initial ideas to three dimensional results quickly and easily. Through its unequalled 3D drafting speed, Amapi Pro 7.5s modeling efficiency allows designers to clearly illustrate a variety of ideas to their clients without having to pursue time-consuming mathematical modeling.