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OEM E2eSoft Virtual Sound Card 1.3 : Buy & Download

E2eSoft Virtual Sound Card 1.3
Manufacturer: Other
Category: other
Retail price: $49.95
Our Price: $19.95
e2eSoft VSC is a Sound Card Emulator, which emulates a sound card in your system and works like a real one. other ; Other; download E2eSoft Virtual Sound Card 1.3. You can use it to record or broadcast all the sound in your system.You can also use it to create numbers of Virtual Sound Card instances to fufill your special requirements.

Record / Broadcast the sound of all applications;
Record / Broadcast the sound of all applications and your MIC voice at the same time;.
Record online chatting / meeting voice, such as Skype conversation, with peoples and your voice mixed together or seperated;
Record DRM-protected music, media;
Record the audio of video/audio file, online video/music, etc;
Pure digital data transfer, NO audio quality loss.
Supports 32bits/64bits OS;
More wonderful usage waiting for you to find out!

Support Windows 2000/XP/2003/VISTA/WIN