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OEM Discreet Plasma 1.0 : Buy & Download

Discreet Plasma 1.0
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Graphics and Design
Retail price: $699.95
Our Price: $39.95
Plasma is a brand new 3D program, but it also comes with a solid heritage. Graphics and Design ; Other; download Discreet Plasma 1.0. The tool is based on Discreets very expensive program 3ds max and our expectations were high. Many Flashmagazine readers have asked us to review this program and I have to say it has been a pleasure! Review by Jens C. Brynildsen Some years ago, I used to make my living from creating 3D content with 3ds max 2.0 (3DS). I did mostly technical animations, but also some more artistic modeling. Among those was a music video that was primarily hand drawn in Flash. Multiple scenes required rotoscoped camera moves through a city that were done with 3ds max. At that time, there were cartoon renderers available, but they could not do SWF output. Due to this, we never made a SWF version of the finished video. If Plasma was available at that time, we could have saved massive amounts of time. ComicShop, the cartoon renderer we used, was really buggy and we spent almost one whole week tweaking our 3D models to produce acceptable results with ComicShop. First looks Plasma has a long registration procedure, with lots of stuff to fill out. The program will only work for a limited time unless you register it. Discreet has always been very protective of their tools. 3ds max comes with a hardware dongle in addition to the standard protection. For Plasma you need an authentication code that is sent to you via email. Opening Plasma for the first time made me smile. Being a former 3ds max user, I instantly felt comfortable and was thinking WOW. Graphics and Design ; Other; download Discreet Plasma 1.0. This is going to be fun! I sat down and started modeling and then I remembered how much time at actually took to build decent looking 3D models. Plasma is more or less a scaled down version of 3ds max. All the modeling tools I could remember from max 2.0 were there, plus some new ones. 3ds max is currently in its fifth version, so many things must have improved since I last used the program.