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OEM Digital Anarchy Gradient 1 After Effects Plugin : Buy & Download

Digital Anarchy Gradient 1 After Effects Plugin
Manufacturer: Other
Category: Software plugins
Retail price: $49.95
Our Price: $14.95
Gradient! allows you to create 16-bit, 6 color gradients within Adobe After Effects. Software plugins ; Other; download Digital Anarchy Gradient 1 After Effects Plugin. It gives you unprecedented control over the look and animation of the gradients. Gradient! offers many features expected from a gradient tool: transparency for all colors, direction dial, built-in transfer modes, four different gradient types, and the ability to repeat the gradient. After Effects has three filters capable of generating gradients in some fashion. However, none of them provide a method as easy to use and flexible as Gradient!. Similar to the Photoshop gradient tool, Gradient! provides an easy solution for the designer. You can animate virtually everything, and since the position and transparency of each color is a separate control, you can use expressions to control and animate the gradient. Four gradient options- In addition to the six colors, you get four gradient options: Linear, Circular, Wrapped, and Square. You can set the direction of the Linear, Square, and Wrapped styles with a simple direction dial. You get a few other options, such as brightness and contrast, the number of times to repeat the gradient over the layer area, and built-in transfer modes. Transfer Modes- Transfer modes will blend the gradient with the underlying image youve applied it to. This saves you from having to do it with two layers and the transfer modes in the timeline. Set transfer modes directly through the filter. Choose and animate characteristics like brightness, contrast, and direction. The six colors give you enough options for creating complex gradients. Colors can easily be turned on and off or animated. Choose from four preset gradient shapes. Expressions For Color- By offering multiple colors, multiple gradient types, transparency, and a host of other features, Gradient! can design gradients quickly and intuitively, without requiring other filters. Each color has a set of associated parameters which are individually broken out. This allows users to control the gradient with expressions. The gradient can be animated or changed dynamically by other filters or events happening along the timeline. This is great for having a gradient react to music or change location with another layer. Software plugins ; Other; download Digital Anarchy Gradient 1 After Effects Plugin.